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Countertop St. Simons Island Quartz-Granite-Marble

Marble is something found in many kitchens due to its beauty and smooth finish. While granite may suffice for some, it doesn’t have the same prestige as marble. Finding affordable marble in St Simons Island is no problem if you buy through us.


Why is marble good for construction projects?

 Marble cannot be compared to the majority of minerals for its use in construction. It’s a material that’s been used in sculptures and structures for ages due to its beauty.

The Taj Mahal is one of the most famous uses of marble in a building. The massive domes, towers and other components were sculpted with pure marble to give it its endless beauty. Many buildings in Washington DC utilized marble as well.


Why is marble generally so expensive?

 While it isn’t the most expensive option out there, marble is more costly to use than concrete, crushed stone or granite. It also depends on the application and marketing as certain products will have marble as the best option. For example, marble countertops are the most expensive simply because it is harder with a perfect polished finish.

The price also depends on the source of the marble. Italian marble can be extremely expensive compared to everything else. On the other hand, marble from India can be cheaper than granite or other materials.


Why is marble considered classy in St Simons Island ?

 Since it has deep roots in human history as being beautiful, marble in St Simons Island  is considered a high-class material for interior design. The fact that it is diverse in colors and patterns also makes it desirable, especially for countertops or flooring.


Is marble better for flooring?

 While porcelain is a popular option for hard flooring, marble still is better in terms of quality. Aside from that, marble has a completely different look and feel that is preferred by most people. If you have an office or public building, people will automatically notice the prestige when walking on your floor.

The thing about using marble for flooring is that it is a natural material, meaning that it needs to be maintained meticulously. They may need waxing, buffing and other methods to reduce its porous surface. At the very least, a seal should be applied once a year.

Marble flooring is also easily stained with certain materials. This is especially problematic if you use marble in your bathroom, so be extra careful with hair products, lotions and products full of chemicals.

The advantage of using non-natural flooring is that it is easier to maintain as it doesn’t have a porous surface. It is also cheaper, which is why you may see it in places with large volumes of flooring.


Marble is an excellent material to use for a variety of projects as long as you take care of it. Once you use it in your home, it will already go up in value due to the appearance. If you decide you want to use marble in your home, come into our store and see our various types of marble products.

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