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Countertop Wilminton Island - Granite Marble Soapstone Quartz

Make your Wilmington Island, GA home more appealing and fascinating with our superior quality quartzite Countertop s. Best Designer Countertop of Savannah. is a reputable importer and distributor of natural stone Countertops and quartzite in Wilmington Island, GA. We supply some of the best and finest quality granite, quartzite, marble, and soapstone across the nation. Our quartzite Countertop are guaranteed to be a long term investment for your home.

Why Is Quartzite A Good Building Material? 

Though it cannot be compared to marble and granite in terms of popularity, quartzite is also well respected as a building material. A natural occurring metamorphic rock composed mainly of quartz, quartzite has an interlocking crystalline structure that makes it a hard, tough, and durable building material. It has a hardness of about 7 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale. Such toughness is one of the reasons it is becoming a choice architectural material for many builders. It stands up better to abrasion in stair treads, floor tiles, and countertops. It is also very resistant to most chemicals and environmental conditions. Like many other rocks, quartzite looks great wherever it is used in any building.

Is Quartzite Flooring/Countertop s Durable? 

As explained in the paragraph above, quartzite is a very strong and tough rock. This implies that it can be very durable when used in architecture. Quartzite flooring/Countertops, therefore, will be very durable. Due to its toughness, quartzite is one of the favorite stones used by builders in outdoor paving. Even in such outdoor environment where it will support so much foot traffic and stay exposed to weather elements, quartzite is always able to stay strong for years. Due to its uncommon durability, quartzite Countertop s are now used for the construction of pool decks, patio flooring, stair treads, and entrances.


What Are The Advantages Of Quartzite Floors And Countertops? 

Quartzite is now extensively used in construction, and quartzite floors and Countertops have several benefits they offer. Here are the most notable ones:

·         They are exceptionally tough and offer remarkable durability

·         They look quite attractive and will make a building look more elegant

·         They are very easy to clean and maintain

·         They are highly resistant to UV rays and this is a huge advantage when they are used in outdoor setting.

How Do You Clean and Maintain Quartzite?  

To keep quartzite looking great and enjoy all the benefits it offers, you need to clean and maintain it properly. Since it is a natural stone, it may be necessary to seal it. Other helpful cleaning and maintenance tips are:

·         Clean up spills immediately

·         Clean with pH-balanced soaps and stone cleaners

·         Avoid abrasive cleaners

·         Allow the stone to dry thoroughly after cleaning

·         Examine the surface at least once a year and contact the professionals when you spot any problem.

Contact Us Today!

Quartzite Countertop s and floors are attractive and highly durable. They provide an incredible way to improve the appearance of your home. Contact us today at Best Designer Countertop of Savannah. for your quality natural stone and quartzite in Wilmington Island, GA. Our high quality quartzite Countertop s will surely serve your needs for an extended period.

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